It’s that time of the year when Tiktok is recognizing all the celebrities and content creators on the platform who provided us with some of the most entertaining and educational videos we’ve seen!

The Tiktok Awards Philippines 2022 named its nominees across six different categories—Celebrity of the Year, Popular Creator of the Year, Rising Star of the Year, P-pop Group of the Year, Livestreamer of the Year, and Rising Live Star of the Year—and launched a website where fans can send in their votes. You can also vote using the app by just searching for the hashtag #TikTokAwardsPH2022 or by going to the search bar and clicking the TikTokAwardsPH2022 banner.

The awarding ceremony will take place on August 20 at 7 PM and will be available to watch on the app. Voting period will end on August 12, 11:59 PM.

Here’s a list of all the nominees:

Celebrity of the Year

  1. unkabogableviceganda
  2. yukiitakahashiii
  3. altheaxblan
  4. ivanaalawi
  5. kimberlysuechiu
  6. iam.joshuagarcia
  7. cassy.legaspi
  8. dasurichoi__
  9. itskylinealcantara3

Popular Creator of the Year

  1. queeneemercado
  2. nanasilayro
  3. esnyrrr
  4. itssassagurl
  5. charlizeruth
  6. pipaykipayy
  7. arshielife
  8. mngnzls
  9. zeinabharake
  10. spencer_serafica

Rising Star of the Year

  1. obeyposadas
  2. paocaniamo
  3. wandasaidno
  4. marvelous_yohann
  5. paupelaez_
  6. calumpagpatrise
  7. rmenrico
  8. incorrectlyroce
  9. ghiahong
  10. adbeatofficial

P-pop Group of the Year

  1. rrulesofficial
  2. sbnewgenofficial
  3. _ver5usofficial
  4. vxonofficial
  5. xoxo_gma
  6. official4thimpact
  7. ppopgen
  8. calistamusicofficial
  9. firstone_dione
  10. kaiaofficialph
  11. officialsb19
  12. official__yara
  13. 1stoneofficial
  14. alamat.official
  15. g22official
  16. litz.official
  17. mnl48official
  18. bini_ph
  19. wearedaydreamph
  20. bgyo_ph
  21. presshitplay

Livestreamer of the Year

  1. mngnzls
  3. mplph_official
  4. anniekunnn
  5. salemdeinconsulta
  6. berniecularvlogs
  7. bon_olaco
  8. nicabel_draws
  9. angelitoserojales
  10. yanyandejesus1

Rising Live Star of the Year

  1. krizelyuson11
  2. burdagul
  3. naruto0919
  4. junelldominic
  5. celinenobleza

Good luck to all the nominees!!!

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