Once a fashion item mocked by all, the fanny pack is making a comeback as a must-have everyday bag. It’s something that can just be tied around your waist or across your torso, leaving your hands free and your shoulders almost weightless throughout a whole day of activities. Fanny packs (also called belt bags, bum bags, and waist bags) can carry all your essentials – like alcohol, lip balm, a pen, your cash and cards, your keys, and your facemask – and make them super easy to reach for whenever you need them.

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We went on Shopee to find you some of the most fashionable fanny packs and belt bags on the site that you’ll want to own ASAP!

Waterproof Belt Bag

This belt bag is made with waterproof material and comes in three colors: grey, black, and blue. There are plenty of things you can fit inside it thanks to its many pockets at the front and at the back. It’s also rather big in size, so you can comfortably wear it across your body! BUY it here while it’s 58% off.

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Transparent Belt Bag

If you’re into bags that are made with PVC material, this one’s for you. This bag is easy to disinfect after a whole day spent outdoors and they’re super trendy too. Best for those who won’t bring a lot of items or don’t mind them being seen by a lot of people. BUY it here while it’s 87% off!

Outdoor Running Waist Bag

This sports bag is made with nylon material, making it water-repellant, scratch- and abrasion-resistant, and breathable when worn. You can fit many essentials in it and not feel that it’s bulky around the waist. The best part is that it’s got a hole for your earphones so that you don’t have to keep holding your phone or put it inside your pocket while exercising or commuting. BUY it here while it’s at 60% off!

Simple cream-colored belt bag

This belt bag from Penshoppe is super fashionable and gender-neutral. Made with 100% woven nylon material, this bag can be worn around your waist or across your body. It has a front and main pocket for your items. Great for everyday use! BUY it here while it’s at 30% off!

Korean Street Style-Inspired Bag

This simple canvas bag is perfect for those who can rock the Korean street fashion style. It comes in either white or black, and you can even order them with plush charms attached! BUY it here!

Oversized Shoulder Bag

This shoulder bag is great for travel as it can hold multiple items in one convenient place. It’s made with thick nylon material too so you don’t ever have to worry about it getting torn apart or ruined under the weight of all your stuff while on the go. You can get it in black, blush pink, muted blue, or in retro-style multi-color! BUY it here while it’s 55% off!

Tactical Outdoor Bag

This tactical bag is perfect for the outdoors, especially when you’re hiking, mountaineering, or camping! It has tons of pockets to easily compartmentalize your items, fits snugly around your waist, and can camouflage in nature. BUY it here while it’s 40% off!

Outdoor belt bag with water bottle holder

For those who love to exercise outdoors, this belt bag can fit just the essentials and has space for you to put in your sports bottle! Even if you aren’t running, this bag is still great for doing errands, especially because it’s so lightweight, waterproof, and breathable. BUY it here while it’s at 60% off!

Leather purse waist bag

This purse made with synthetic leather is great for wearing to formal events. You can wear it either around the waist or across your body, and it’ll still look uber fashionable. It also has a gold chain on it so you can transform it into a mini bag! BUY it here while it’s 21% off!

Holographic belt bag

Want to stand out from the crowd? This iridescent clear belt bag is something made out of unicorn dreams! Not only is it pretty, but it’s easy to wear, conveniently holds a lot of stuff, and is quick to disinfect at home. BUY it here while it’s 65% off!

Multi-Pocket Leather Bag

This fanny pack for men is made with faux leather and features tons of outside pockets to efficiently compartmentalize your belongings. It comes in either black or brown. BUY it here while it’s 24% off!

Baybayin Belt Bag

This belt bag by local store Legazy features Baybayin on its straps so you can flaunt our Filipino culture wherever you go! The bag itself is made with premium quality fabric with double-stitched seams and is wrinkle- and shrink-resistant when washed. There are multiple pockets and you can carry it in three ways: across your body, around your waist, or on your hand. BUY it here while it’s at 34% off!

Round Belt Bag

This belt bag by Bench is made with faux leather and features graphic prints for those who like their bags with a little more personality. This comes in beige and military green colors. BUY it here!

Brown Woven Leather Bag

This brown woven leather bag by Shigetsu is functional and stylish. It has an adjustable leather shoulder strap with a snap closure that can be worn in many different ways. Because it’s made with high-quality 100% eco-friendly vegan leather, the bag is durable and easy to clean to keep it looking as good as new. There is only one main compartment, though, but it has enough space to put in even the bulkiest of items like your eyewear case or a pocketbook. BUY it here while it’s 47% off!

Find more belt bags and fanny packs on Shopee!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. The actual color, appearance, size, and shape of the item might be slightly different from the ones shown in the pictures.

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